Experience Fuer Kerle

Experience A New Level Of Confidence

Listen up, guys.

So you think you know yourself, right?

You take care of your body, you eat the right stuff, you hit the weights and stay active in sports. You know your dream car, you can study the market trends and sometimes you even think you have enough suave to approach that hottie at the bar.
Well forget all that.

The truth is, we know you know nothing.

Nothing, that is, about men’s skincare.
Now come on, don’t cringe right away at the thought of lathering yourself in a pink slimy lotion with the scent of some old lady’s perfume.

Fuer Kerle is a classically simple solution. A cream for men, made by men.

We know this topic is taboo for the male species, and we’re not suggesting you use it as an icebreaker the next time you’re watching the game with your buddies and beer. But we are the experts on men’s skincare, so when we say that FK face and body lotion will leave you carrying yourself like a new man, you better take our word on it.
We pride ourselves in solving those chapped hands (the frostbite look was never in style), completing that freshly-shaved face and dabbing you with that subtle scent of man that turns a woman’s gears from neutral to sixth.